DC Internal Itron Mesh outdoor lighting controller

Typical applications Outdoor installations: streets, roads and highways, residential areas, road intersections, plazas, parks, outdoor industrial and logistics areas, parking lots, bridges, etc. Ordering data Donwload
Model no.
Wireless network
Power supply
Luminaire interface
DC Internal Itron Mesh outdoor lighting controller
Inside a lighting fixture or column with an external antenna
Works with the Itron Wi-SUN mesh network
Product overview The urbannode ® DC Internal UN120 works with the Itron Network platform (with over 90 million connected devices), Streetlight Vision CMS (managing devices in more than 500 cities worldwide) and SLV:Go Provisioning tool, enabling an easy and fast deployment of individually managed light points on street lighting networks. Main features The urbannode ® DC Internal is a wireless module that fits discreetly inside decorative or heritage luminaires and require a separate external antenna to connect to the Itron control network Extremely low power consumption D4i interface certified Onboard real-time clock to prevent day burning Motion detection input ready for dynamic lighting scenario Asset management oriented, extended control and data exchange with the D4i Drivers Multi-driver management capabilities, allowing for efficient control of luminaires with up to 4 drivers Provides a robust and secure full, two-way wireless communications Over-the-air firmware upgrades Automatic identification of all lamp failures reducing on-site activities Accurate energy and electrical parameters metering suitable for supporting utility billing Improved safety from the usage of an extra-low voltage power supply Easy and low cost installation inside a lighting fixture or column Very high reliability, with 5 years warranty from factory
Technical data
Input Supply voltage: Power consumption:
24VDC Average <0.7W
Interfaces Luminaire: Digital Input:
DALI-2 according to IEC 62386 standard, compliant with D4i, up to 4 Drivers, individually addressed Max. 24VDC, 20mA
Onboard RTC
Real-Time Clock prevents day burning effect by accurately tracking the astronomical clock and device calendar
Motion Detection
Input Ready for Dynamic Lighting Scenario
Metering Alarming
Accuracy as per EN50470 or ANSI C136.52 Metered parameters: Voltage, Current, Active and Apparent Power, Frequency, Active and Apparent, Energy, Power Factor, Lamp Burning Hours, Device Up Time, Enclosure Temperature, Lamp Brightness Level, Driver Temperature, LED Module Temperature, Device Boot Counter, Driver Boot Counter, Lamp On Cycles, LED Voltage, LED Current High/Low Voltage, Current and Power, Low Power Factor, Day Burner, Lamp Failure, Driver Communication Failure, Loss of Mains Power
Environmental Operating temperature range: Humidity: Storage temperature:
-40 °C to +70 °C 95% RH, non-condensing -40 °C to +85 °C
Mechanical Dimensions: Weight: Degree of protection:
86mm (3.39’’) x 84mm (3.31’’) / 107mm (4.21’’) w/fixing flanges x 50mm (1.97’’) (W x L x H) 150g IIP66, when fitted
Housing Colour: Thermoplastic rating:
Warranty (1)
5 years
Reliability data
638 FIT (@25°C, FIDES 2009)
Itron Network Radio-Frequency: RF Communications: Protocols/Security:
865-880 MHz – Europe, 902-928 MHz - North America, 902-907 MHz / 915-928 MHz – Brazil, 915-928 MHz – Australia, 921.5-928 MHz - New Zealand. Approvals: ETSI EN 300 220-1, FCC 15.247, Industry Canada RSS-210, ANATEL, AS 4268/ ACMA, NZS 4268/GURL Data Rate: up to 300kbps mesh networking, Automatic data routing with self-configuration, auto- healing & redundant uplinks, Spreading Technique: FHSS (Frequency Hopping), GFSK, Transmit Power: up to 1 W, Emission Designator: 250KF1D, Receiver Sensitivity: -98 dBm for 10% PER Addressing: IPv6, Protocol: IEEE 802.15.4g (WI-SUN Certified), Security: Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit (SHA- 256) and RAS-1024 or ECC-256, Encryption: Advanced, Encryption Standard (AES-128 or AES-256), Authentication: ECDSA & RSA Signatures, Key Storage: Secure NVRAM with tamper detection and key erasure
Itron Network Certified, D4i Certified, TALQ Certified
Approval marks
Standards Safety: Electromagnetic compatibility:
IEC 60950-1 FCC Part 15, Subpart B CFR 47 / CISPR 11
Can be installed inside a lighting fixture or column. It possesses an external antenna that has to be routed to the outside of the fixture or column
1) Warranty subject to obiWAN Terms & Conditions
Light grey, RAL 7035 UL 94V-0
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