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About obiWAN
Meet the Team
obiWAN creates outdoor connected intelligent objects based on the latest IoT open standards, that works right out of the box, extremely easy to deploy, removing the complexity for the adoption of massive IoT technology. The product range includes Cellular LPWAN LTE-M/ NB-IoT, Wi-SUN Mesh, 2.4 GHz Mesh and LoRAWAN technologies. By taking an integrated approach from the streets to the connectivity up to the smart city platforms, obiWAN is able to deliver interoperable, reliable, secure and scalable streetlighting management and sensing products, bringing peace of mind for its customers.
With more than 15 years in the outdoor smart lighting control industry, obiWAN’s team has a track record for successful design, manufacturing and delivery of hundreds of thousands reliable IoT connected devices, helping cities around the world to transform their citizen’s life experience in the modern urban environments, saving energy, become more sustainable and providing better services to the local community.
Miguel Lira is the Founder and Director of obiWAN. Previously, he has been a Director of Urban Control Limited, an UK based IoT solutions provider focused on delivering end-to-end Smart City solutions. Miguel also led the Urban Control Innovation and Development Centre in Porto, creating and designing smart IoT hardware devices, wireless network infrastructures and edge computing solutions for the modern urban environments. He has more than 28 years of experience in the electronics, automation and control industry, with the last 18 years being dedicated to outdoor lighting control, sensors and other smart city devices. Since Miguel sold its own Enlight business to Urban Control on December 2017, the company’s contracts grew from 1,5m EUR to more than 10m EUR and to 200 000 connected devices. He graduated in Electrical and Computers Engineering and also completed an MBA at the University of Porto.
Joana Eliseu is the Head of Operations and Reliability of obiWAN, with an extensive experience and knowledge in the semiconductor industry, including the planning and scheduling of activities and resources, the industrialization and process qualification for new products and materials, and quality assurance. She is also a recognized expert on RAMS (Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety) studies for proposals, projects and products in diverse areas such as IoT Outdoor Devices, Telecommunications, Signalling, Power systems, Automation, Energy and Rail. Joana’s expertise was acquired over more than 15 years working in companies as Qimonda, Efacec and Urban Control, with international teams and organizations around the world. She graduated in Materials Engineering at the University of Coimbra.
Ricardo Carvalho is a Senior Development Engineer of obiWAN, responsible for designing and developing new smart products (both hardware and embedded software) that sustain the company’s defined product roadmap and meet product specifications. He is also responsible to oversee the technical work carried out by the development engineering team and to provide support to O&M. Ricardo has 15 years of experience in the electronics and electromechanical both in the academic and industrial environments. He developed a deep knowledge for the wireless RF mesh and low power cellular based IoT devices used in the smart cities of today, focused on open standards and interoperability. He has a degree in Electrical and Computers Engineering with a major in Automation at the University of Porto and worked in IDMEC, INEGI and Urban Control.
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